France 2: Calling Muslims to denounce their faith

Yep. Religion sucks but you can’t use instances like that to ask people to stop believing in something. Well you can but it doesn’t work like that.

Saying to a religious person “seeeee, that’s what your religion or any religion does, drop it already!” right after an attack will hardly ever make them rethink their faith. It is so easy for anyone to differentiate from a crazy killer that your argument goes right over their head. It’s not “their” religion, it’s how the “others” use it. In their head their (version) of religion is about love and life and hope. I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve used the same “excuses” to keep my faith. And they make all the sense in the world if you believe. It’s hard to explain why, because looking back at myself I find it hard to believe I have been so profoundly stupid but arguments and obvious truths were thrown in my face and I managed to skillfully dodge them for a very long time. So I do believe you can be a generally reasonable, educated, curious, science loving person and still totally oblivious to the facts when it comes to faith. Somehow it becomes easy to convince yourself that YOUR god is good, that your intentions are good. You are a good person after all and that proves your god is a good “person” and if people commit atrocities in his name it’s their fault, they are misguided or even do this on purpose to serve dark powers and push you away from the one true religion. Especially when you are feeling defensive already because you know a wave of hatred and negative reactions will follow the attacks.

Immigrants have to face lots of shit now. These attacks affect them greatly. Except the obvious reason, that their safety is also at stake (no, the terrorists don’t make sure there are no Muslims and/or immigrants on a scene before they start killing everyone), they have to face a backlash of distrust, fear, even contempt and in some cases aggression. “Hitting” them with the “your religion sucks” card right now is not going to suddenly bring them to enlightenment and atheism. It’s just another hit when they’re already down. I think humanists should rise above that.

I have argued with Muslims that their religion fuels hatred and promotes attacks etc. But it was at a quiet moment, when we were having a lunch break and an almost philosophical discussion about life and religion. They didn’t feel threatened by me or that I attacked them as people (at least they didn’t seem to, we continued having a very good communication for the rest of the course). It was at a moment when they could think about our conversation with a clear mind. It was not right after an attack, when they just came to a foreign country, escaping a shitty situation, almost died in the process and having no idea what tomorrow will bring.

Asking Muslims to denounce the attacks by the way is something different (I think). It sends a message to the west and east that not all Muslims are like that. Yes, “hello captain obvious!” but it is still needed apparently. Plus let’s be honest, when you are following a dogma it is good if you strongly differentiate yourself with the parts of it you don’t agree. I think Christians also did that at some point and that’s why we can speak without being burned at the stake anymore. This could be the first step for the reformation of Islam into a more tolerant religion.


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